Texas Bass Fishing - Lake Falcon (only one going to right now)
Lake Falcon is a beast of a lake sitting around 80,000 acres at full pool and bass in the 10+ lb range are very common. It's absolutely incredible when you pull up to a spot and hook into multiple huge bass, some of which are in the double digit range, and the fight is on. The biggest question then is if you have the right setup to pull those fish out of the cover. There's thousands of trees and some big rock piles that these fish live in and with the fact that they are, hands down, the strongest and toughest bass you'll ever fight, it's absolutely amazing if you ever land the big ones. Even 5-6lb fish are incredibly tough. Definitely the top lake in the country.
Texas Bass Fishing - Lake Amistad (drought stricken)
Lake Amistad is somewhat similar in size being 70,000 acres and setup except for the pristine crystal clear water. There are some solid fish in this lake and some monsters. This lake is known for numbers as well and it's common to catch 75 to over 100 bass a day. If you head up the Devil's River side of the lake, there's a good chance at hooking into some nice smallmouth as well.
Texas Bass Fishing - Choke Canyon (drought stricken)
Choke Canyon is another south Texas lake where some of the biggest sacks of 5 bass have been brought in at tournaments. Several sacks over 40lbs have won local tournaments and bringing in a double digit bass to a tournament weigh-in is done on a regular basis. Typical days on the lake have you catching 25-50 bass with several in the 4-5lb range and even some up and over 10lbs. One of the most fun lakes you'll ever fish on, and then enter the alligators. This lake has a bunch of alligators in it and even some that are bigger than the world record. Some of the bigger ones sighted are believed to be over 20 feet in length. Talk about huge. There is an abundance of wildlife with wild pigs, turkey, deer, alligator gar and lots of many species of waterfowl in the winter season along with whistling ducks throughout the year. Defnitely a lake to check out.
Texas Bass Fishing - Lake O.H. Ivie (drought stricken)
Another fantastic lake and one that produced the most Texas Sharelunkers in the 2010 Spring season is O.H. Ivie. This lake has been incredible this year with 11 over 13lbs donated to the Sharelunker program with many more over that size caught and released. The lake record, just over 16lbs, was also caught there at the end of April. What a beast. The lake is over 20 feet low but there's lots of places for the big girls to gravitate to. There's rock ledges, tree lines, laydowns, flooded timber and hydrilla. There's also some nice smallmouth in this lake. Better get there while the gettin's hot. ;-)